Think Smart. Act Bold.

The Rauch Foundation takes an entrepreneurial approach to promoting change. We invest in areas where we can have fundamental impact: children and families, the environment, and regional leadership. Within those areas of focus, we do not limit ourselves to a traditional foundation role.

Our comprehensive strategies: research, communication, and grantmaking.

Smart and bold solutions begin with objective data. We encourage learning and action through our support of the Long Island Index and in-depth research reports.

We raise the alarm about critical issues and encourage constructive debate. For too long, the Long Island region has suffered from a fragmented approach to problems, and we believe that progress needs a regional understanding of issues in order to inform a public debate.

We invest in organizations and people who share our values and commitment to systemic change. The Foundation seeks out grantees on Long Island and in Maryland with vision, ideas, and the potential to be a game-changing force in the region and beyond.