The Long Island Index

The most successful regional transformations start with a solid understanding of the facts

Good information presented in a neutral manner can move policy.


This is the guiding principle of the Long Island Index, a Rauch Foundation project that publishes data on the Long Island region. The Index does not advocate specific policies. Instead, the goal is to be a catalyst for action, by engaging the community in thinking about the Long Island region and its future.

With advice drawn from a wide range of leaders from Long Island's business, labor, academic, and nonprofit sectors, the Index produces a series of indicators, surveys, videos, infographics, and in-depth reports on the economy, education, governance/services, land use and environment, taxes, housing, population, and other areas of concern to the region.

An unbiased source

The overarching goals of the Index are to measure where we are and show trends over time, encourage regional thinking, compare Long Island’s situation with those in similar regions, increase awareness of issues and their interrelatedness, and inspire Long Islanders to work together to achieve shared goals.

Today, the Index is a source of unbiased, reliable data for businesses, nonprofits, civic organizations, educators, and townships throughout the region. In 2011, the Long Island Press described the Index as “the most definitive status report on the quality of Long Island life.” To help Long Islanders envision what might be possible for downtown communities, the Index recently created a new website, Build a Better Burb, which showcases inspirational civic planning ideas from communities throughout the country and the world.

Long Island Index 2015: Long Island's Future: Economic Implications of Today's Choices

A new public opinion survey released December 2014: Looking Ahead on Long Island