Digging deeper and understanding what works.

The Rauch Foundation has created analyses that delve more deeply into key aspects of its research findings and experiences, providing greater illumination and underscoring ways in which lessons learned can inform communities across Long Island, Maryland and beyond. Key analyses include the following:

“Investing in America’s Youngest Citizens” by Abraham M. Lackman

An analysis of government funding – nationally, by individual states and internationally – of early childhood, early education and related programs. Read here.

“Minding the Gaps” by Elizabeth Moore

How one doctor-led nonprofit – Docs for Tots – is strengthening the safety net for Long Island children. Read here.

“Merger: The Story of Five Baltimore Watershed Organizations that Became One”

Read here.

“Launched: The First Three Years of Blue Water Baltimore as it Transitioned from the Merger that Created it”

Read here.

"Breaking Through: How Smart Partnerships Overcame Decades of Resistance to Modernize America's Busiest Commuter Railroad" by Elizabeth Moore

Read here.