We invest in smart and
bold ideas.

The Rauch Foundation is a Long Island–based family foundation that invests in ideas and organizations that spark and sustain systemic change in our communities.

We focus on areas where we can have the greatest impact: children and families, the environment, and regional leadership. We believe in taking a comprehensive approach to problem solving, and our activities extend beyond traditional grantmaking to include significant research and communications efforts.

In all our work we are guided by our entrepreneurial roots. Philip Rauch Sr. was an automotive engineer and the inventor of the hose clamp, a small part that played a big role in the growth of the auto industry. His two sons, Philip Rauch Jr. and Louis Rauch, created the Foundation in 1961 to support a wide range of educational and social causes.

In 1990, Nancy Rauch Douzinas assumed the leadership role after a 20-year career as a psychologist and family therapist. During her tenure, the Foundation has focused its priorities, expanded its professional staff, and broadened its role on Long Island and in Maryland.

In 2012, Nancy was named to the Long Island Press Power List Hall of Fame, which noted, “The Rauch Foundation has become a true agent of change for our region.”

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